School contests of reciprocal Computer recycling


Donate your old computer and help your class win the competition!

The SOCIAL Cooperative “Epanekkinisis” invites all the Elementary Schools of the Prefecture of Attica, to organize a Competition of Reciprocal Computer Recycling. The competition aims at promoting the idea of recycling old computers among elementary school students.
The competition lasts two weeks and the students can bring to their school (functioning or not) objects from the following 4 categories:
● desktop computers
● laptops
● flat screens
● peripherals (speakers, keyboards, mice etc.)

Each Elementary School that decides to participate

  1. will make an announcement before the start of the competition to its students and their parents so that all interested parties will become aware of the collection of computers (and peripherals) that will follow
  2. must designate at least one teacher or a member of the parents’ association as liaison between the school and the activity
  3. the person responsible for communication must enter the site, and then the category EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS and fill in the corresponding participation form

All transportation of equipment to and from school will be borne by Epanekkinisis.

Because all who participate win!

Each school which participates automatically wins a complete re-used computer set (tower, screen, mouse, and keyboard).
There is no competition without prizes…
The prizes- Computers which will be given, are a complete computer set to each school for the computer lab and complete computer sets to the class which attained first place in one of the four categories by collecting the largest quantity (in the corresponding category)!
After the end of the competition the results of will be posted on the site

The computers which will be given to the schools will have educational software installed, related to the subjects taught at school, which have been certified by the Ministry of Education.

The end justifies the…schools!

The purpose of the competition is to give incentives to all the schools to become acquainted with the social and reciprocal recycling, make the students aware of matters having to do with re-use and through their mobilization cultivate in action their ecological conscience. With time the elementary schools of our community will become a “family” so that in the future all the needs for computers in the computer sections of schools will be mutually covered at no cost, offering to all students equal access opportunities to digital tools and equipment.
On the occasion of the opening of the first Epanekkinisis spot at the Municipal Market of Kypseli, we invite all of you to introduce with us innovation into the school class, making your Elementary school an example to be followed for the rest of the communities.