Frequently Asked Questions

I wish to send old computers or peripherals but I do not know if they function.

Our specialized technicians will examine whether or not they are functional and will use the parts that are functional.

How old can the computers you accept be?

The computers must have at least an Intel Pedium 4 or Intel Celeron or AMD processor. MACs must have at least a G4 processor.

What operating system will be installed?

We install to all the repaired computers a special edition of the Edubuntu software in Greek. The age of the students who will be using it is taken into consideration.
More information about the software can be found in:

Where can I hand over my equipment?

To all the branches of the “Geniki Tachydromiki” courier company all over Greece. In addition, you can take them to the repair outlets of companies we collaborate with.

How are the repaired computers distributed?

The computers are distributed on the basis of the applications submitted to us by schools. When a large number of applications have been received, the donation of the computers is carried out by draw.

We have donated computers to schools in remote and inaccessible areas of the country when we were asked to.

Can I choose or know the school where my equipment will be donated?

It is exceptionally expensive to record in detail the distribution system. For this reason, that opportunity is not afforded.

Do you take peripherals such as printers, scanners or CRT screens?

We take printers only if they are functional.
If you have scanners or CRT screens, you can contact any electrical appliances free recycling company.