About us

EPANEKKINISIS, based on the idea of crowdsourcing, aims mainly at collecting old laptops, repairing them with the help of its volunteers in to donate them to students of elementary schools and junior high schools all over the country. For this reason it seeks DONATIONS either from companies or from private parties in order to promote the transmission of technology to students and inform them at the same time of its advantages and those of the internet (apart from social networking, computer games and videos).

No Computer should end up in the recycling bin

If you have old laptops, peripherals and accessories you don’t use, don’t throw them in the recycling bin.

If they are not operational, we will repair them or use their functional components, re-constructing computers which will be useful once more.
In case some parts cannot be repaired, they will be forwarded to the Free Recycle company-Free recycling of electric appliances.Free Recycle.



Our main aim is to donate the laptops repaired by our volunteers to all the elementary schools and junior high schools of the country, which either don’t have the adequate required equipment or it has been overused and is difficult to use.

Our vision is for each student to acquire the knowledge to use a computer correctly and efficiently, thus being able to use modern technology and the internet, which constitute an essential part of one’s basic training and further education later.

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